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A number of individuals in the criminal justice system feel as if they do not have the sufficient financial resources to hire a private attorney. However, before you reach this conclusion, please contact our office to discuss the multiple payment plan options we have available to our clients. You can call the Law Office of Conan & Herman, P.A., any time, 24 hours a day, and an attorney will personally speak to you about the strengths and weaknesses of your case. We offer free consultations to any person who calls. Additionally, unlike most other attorneys, we will gladly pull your court file from the Clerk of the Court and review the allegations in your case for no additional charge.

When the stakes are high and you're facing criminal charges, you need an Orlando Criminal Defense Attorney with experience, who is available to take your case quickly and confidently, who will go the extra mile to thoroughly investigate your case and get the best possible result in or out of court.

The criminal defense attorneys at Conan & Herman understand that being arrested or charged with a crime is frightening experience. Our mission is to aggressively and tenaciously defend our clients, even before the case reaches the courtroom! It is essential that you know your rights under the law and act quickly to protect them.

The Law Office of Conan and Herman, P.A. consists of two criminal defense attorneys: Mark T. Conan, Esq. and J. Scott Herman, Esq.. These two attorneys have handled thousands of criminal cases, including over 100 jury trials. Mr. Conan and Mr. Herman are both qualified to handle any type of criminal offense ranging in degree from misdemeanors or Driving Under the Influence (DUI) to capital felonies punishable by a maximum sentence of life in prison.

Blog Postings

Orlando Teen Girls Arrested in Robbery of Good Samaritan

Four teenage girls who are being charged with the robbery of a man who tried to help them with car trouble will be needing the help of an Orlando criminal law attorney for help with their legal problems.

An Orlando criminal law attorney can help with a variety of charges including violation of probation, DUI, assault & battery, robbery and domestic violence. They can also help when minors are charged with a crime, as was the case with one of these suspects.

According to police reports, the four young females planned the robbery just so that they could make enough money to party that night by luring an unsuspecting victim into helping them with car trouble.

They ...
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Brevard Mom Arrested for DUI While Picking Up Child at School

Parents in Brevard County were outraged after a mother reportedly showed up at school to pick up her children intoxicated, then put others in danger by driving recklessly.

The woman, who was arrested last week, may be needing the help of an Orlando DUI lawyer for the latest charge. She may also need an Orlando criminal law attorney as she is still facing charges from a previous DUI arrest.

According to reports from the Florida Highway Patrol, 33 year old Heather Brodeur was picking her son up at SunTree Elementary at about 3:50 pm Thursday when she entered a bus-only lane on Jordan Blass Boulevard instead of the normal student pick up area.

Witnesses say that af ...
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If you have any legal question, please contact the Law Offices of Conan & Herman, P.A. today.  Our consultations can be scheduled the same day for an office or telephone consultation. If you need an attorney for a case in Orange County, Lake County, Osceola County, Seminole County, Polk County, Volusia County, Brevard County, Marion County, Sumter County, or any of the surrounding counties in Central Florida, contact our office today.  You'll always speak to a lawyer and not an answering service!  Rest assure that you've found the right firm that will act immediately to protect you and your rights.